Limerick Pride Lock Down X-Factor Singer Saara Aalto

saara Aalto, who will be playing Limerick Pride 2017 with her hand under her face and the words limerick pride written in pink behind her

Saara Aalto is “a mega star and we’re delighted to have her,” says Limerick Pride Chairperson, Louise McCormack


Limerick Pride have announced that they are “delighted” to have X-Factor winner and “mega star” Saara Aalto lined up for their festival this year.

“We’ve also just announced Saara Aalto as our headliner for Limerick Pride 2017,” said Louise McCormack, the Chairperson of Limerick Pride Festival 2017. “She’s a mega star and we’re delighted to have her.”

If you haven’t heard Saara Aalto belting out Sia’s Chandelier, you should check it out below to get a taste of what’s in store for the Limerick Pride Festival 2017, which runs from July 10-16 this year.



Fans of the Finnish LGBT singer will remember that Saara renewed her engagement with her fiancée following the X-Factor win in December.


Call Out For Mr & Ms Gay Limerick

The Limerick Pride Festival are also seeking members of the LGBT community to put themselves forward as Mr and Ms Gay Limerick 2017 in the Clayton Hotel, Limerick City on 10th of June.

“The position of Mr & Ms Gay Limerick is one which gives a member of the LGBTQ community a platform and an opportunity to be an ambassador for the LGBTQ community in Limerick,” said Limerick Pride in a press release.

paul ryder who will host Mr & Ms Gay Limerick event by Limerick Pride

The competition to become Mr & Ms Gay Limerick will be presented by drag queen Paul Ryder who has hosted the Mr & Ms Gay Limerick for the last two years.

McCormack highlighted the incredible work that the current Mr & Ms Gay Limerick, Dr Christian Moretti and Michelle Brown, have done in raising money for LGBT causes and advocating for LGBT rights.

Dr Christian Moretti who is the current Mr Gay Limerick holding a big rainbow flag with other people who will be at Mr & Ms Gay Limerick event by Limerick Pride

“Mr & Ms Gay Limerick gives people the chance to be a voice for the community. Look what Christian and Michelle have done this year, it’s sensational,” McCormack said.

“Christian was a fighter for so many causes, and they both raised so much money for charity, it was impressive.

“Yes part of the role is attending events and cutting ribbons as such, but really there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes and Christian and Michelle have done an incredible job.

“We hope someone who wants to really make a difference can come forward to represent the community for 2017.”



Dr Christian Moretti who is the current Mr Gay Limerick will be at Mr & Ms Gay Limerick event by Limerick Pride

“It was an honour to represent Limerick, to raise so much funds for important causes and especially to show everyone that you can be proud of who you are,” Dr Moretti said.

“I matured so much in this year and I am grateful to the who limerick community for its support.”

To apply for Mr or Ms Gay Limerick 2017, please email your name and contact number to [email protected].

Are you excited to see Saara Aalto perform live? For non-Limerick based people is the X-Factor winner headlining at Limerick Pride 2017 enough to warrant the city a visit? Who would be a good performer for next year? Let us know in the comments below.


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