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We offer listening, support and information to all areas of the LGBTQIA community and to their families, friends and allies. We believe at The Switchboard that the Marriage Equality Referendum of 2015 was not the end of the story for our communities. Many people still carry trauma around their gender identity or orientation. Many people are still carrying enormous shame about their sexuality and have layers of internalised homophobia still needing to be acknowledged and healed. Many people in our communities do not fit neatly into a sanitised hetero-normative script of how things should be, and for many people in our communities they continue having difficulty finding understanding and acceptance in wider society. There are parts of our communites that are queer in a sense that can never really be assimilated or contained or explained. Many people are struggling with how online pornography and dating apps have changed how we understand sex and sexuality and how we interrelate and what we expect. Substance use is increasingly prevalent in areas of the community, sometimes destroying peoples lives and people are grappling with body image issues and issues of confidence and self esteem at a completely new level.

We are and have always been a sex positive organisation that encourages and celebrates queerness in all it’s forms and diversity in our community. We support whatever empowers people to take ownership of their sexuality and gender identity and recognise that not everyone can move at the same speed on the journey of self acceptance.

We support and encourage safer sex and responsible substance use, and we are here to listen to people who find they are not able to engage responsibly.

All calls are confidential, that is our promise to you. We do not have access to caller id, your anonymity is assured.

The Switchboard provides a confidential telephone support service.

Their friendly trained volunteers provide a safe space where listening, support, information and signposting are provided to all callers in a non- directive or judgmental way.

The service is available to the LGBTQ+ community, their parents, families and friends.

The Switchboard’s core values ensure that you will get a non judgemental and reassuring attitude from them when you make contact.

Whatever you might need to talk about, we are here 365 days per year.

Call 01 872 1055 Monday to Friday 6.30 – 9pm or Saturdays and Sundays 4 – 6pm. Bank Holiday Mondays are 6.30 – 9pm.

We are open to anyone who needs to call every night, and will do our best to help. We also have specialised topics for each night that the volunteers will be especially informed on.

Monday: Domestic Violence || Domestic Abuse

Tuesday: Women’s Night: Lesbian || Bi || Married || WLW || Sexual Health

Wednesday: Men’s Night: Gay || Bi || Married || MSM || Sexual Health || Asexuality || Kink

Thursday: Substance Use: Chems || Narcotics || Alcohol || Chemsex

Friday: Trans || Intersex || Non Binary

Saturday: Covid Helpline: Isolation || Loneliness || Homelessness

Sunday: Crossdressers Support Line || Trans Spectrum || Non Binary || CD/TV


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