Married Men's Support Group

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Carmichael Centre Visit Website This support group for men who are, or have been, married to women & who identify as gay, bi or interested in men.


Married Men's Support Group

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All meetings take place in:
Carmichael Centre, Brunswick Street, Dublin 7.

Further information: [email protected]

The Gay Switchboard Helpline is available on 01-872 1055:

Monday to Friday: 6:30pm – 9pm
 2pm – 6pm
Sunday & Bank Holidays
: 4pm – 6pm

Instant Messaging Chat Support is available Friday, Saturday & Sundays

The Married Men’s Support Group is a peer support group for men who are, or have been, married or in a long term opposite sex relationship and who identify as gay, bisexual or feel attracted to other men.

The peer support group offers a space for men to talk openly and confidentially with other men about similar experiences.
It is also an opportunity for participants to explore their sexual identity in a confidential, safe and supported environment.
There are no agendas and the group is member focused with facilitators working from a person centred perspective.

The group meets on the First Thursday of each month & is facilitated by experienced volunteers who are professionally trained in group work.
Meetings run from 7pm (tea/coffee & one to one support for new members) with the facilitated session from 730pm until 9pm.

Please phone Gay Switchboard’s Helpline on 01 – 872 1055 or drop an email to: [email protected] for further information about the group.

Instant Messaging Chat support is available Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays on Gay Switchboard.


Married Men’s Support Group Charter


Mission Statement

The Married Men’s Group (MMG) is a facilitated peer support group for men who are, or have been, married, or in a long term relationship with a woman and who identify themselves as gay, bisexual or sexually attracted to men. The group is facilitated by trained Gay Switchboard Ireland facilitators using a person centred approach and offers a safe space for men to talk openly and confidentially with their peers. Gay Switchboard Ireland is committed to equal opportunity and will not discriminate on the basis of sexuality, gender identity, ethnic origin, age, religion, disability or any other reason.


Facilitation of the Group

MMG Facilitators are experienced volunteers trained in facilitation and group work and are guided by the following principles:

  • Facilitators will show unconditional positive regard and recognise that participants are expert in their own lives.
  • Working from a person centred framework, facilitators will endeavour to create a safe and non directive space where participants can access support from their peers and reflect on their own unique experiences.
  • Facilitators will support participants in exploring their identity and to come out to themselves, or others, if that is what they wish to do.
  • Facilitators will uphold professional boundaries and will not engage in intimate relationships with any group participant.
  • Facilitators will attend regular supervision with an accredited professional, as appointed by Gay Switchboard Ireland.
  • Facilitators, in consultation with the Gay Switchboard committee and MMG participants, will regularly review the MMG Charter to ensure that it accurately reflects the needs of the group, the service and complies with best practice guidelines.



Gay Switchboard Ireland has a duty of care to participants while they attend meetings. It also takes confidentiality seriously and will endeavour to make support meetings confidential within best practice guidelines. To comply with guidelines, confidentiality is limited and will be superseded by certain exceptional circumstances, listed below;

  • If an MMG participant discloses that someone under the age of 18 is either at risk of abuse or is being abused, Gay Switchboard Ireland will be obliged to follow National Children First guidelines and report to TUSLA.
  • If Gay Switchboard Ireland receives a court order requiring it to divulge information.
  • If an MMG participant presents at a session as a serious and immediate risk to others or to them self.

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