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A new series about people availing of fertility treatments is being filmed for Irish TV, and the team behind it are looking for member of the LGBT community to include in the mix of different stories about fertility journeys


The documentary will explore the various issues faced by people who have problems conceiving and to help the general public understand the complexity of fertility issues. The subject will be treated with sensitivity and appear on Irish television next year.

The recorded programme will follow patients and staff at SIMS IVF fertility clinic, through the fertility testing, advice, and treatment process.

Participation in the documentary is purely voluntary; however there will be financial benefits for those couples taking part.

The SIMS clinic, where some of the filming will occur, is easily accessible, just over 6 kilometres from the centre of Dublin.

Only those participants who genuinely want to start a family, and would like to tell their story openly, will be filmed for the programme.

If you think you might be interested to find out more, please contact Steve McGettigan, SIMS IVF in strictest confidence: Tel: 086 256 3811 or Email: [email protected]


A pregnant woman's stomach - the woman is having a child thanks to Sims IVF
Starting a family can be difficult, but SIMS IVF can help you on your journey.



With doctors that are at the forefront of cutting-edge IVF technologies, and world-class success rates, SIMS IVF is Ireland’s leading fertility clinic.

The SIMS doctors and staff have assisted thousands of patients since the clinic opened in 1997, and know that understanding patients’ requirements is key. Patients’ needs govern the care given, the treatments and services offered and the type of relaxed, confidential and supportive environment provided.

As well as routine assisted fertility treatments using donor eggs, donor sperm, and IVF, SIMS deliver additional services and advanced solutions like reproductive immunology and EEVA, the Early Embryo Viability Assessment test, not always offered by other clinics.

SIMS believe in the importance of a balance of mind and body in their treatment, and a resident specialist counselling team are on site and available daily, to guide and support patients through the ups and downs of assisted conception treatment.

The SIMS IVF online resource provides patients with step-by-step guidance, treatment information and even video instructions for administering medication. A designated nurse line is available seven days a week also, with on-call out-of-hours service provision.

SIMS help and support in a way that maintains a positive focus on the patients’ relationship, their general health, and emotional well-being. Whether a heterosexual or homosexual couple, or a single woman wishing to start a family, SIMS IVF has treatment options and services designed for individual needs.


Sims IVF logo - parents hugging a babyContact SIMS IVF at any time for further information on assisted reproduction, at: Tel: (01) 208 0710 or Email: [email protected]

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