Mean Girls Cast - Where Are They Now?


This weekend marks the 10th anniversary of the cult classic ‘Mean Girls’. But what are the teens of North Shore High are up to these days?



Lindsay Lohan (Cady Heron)


In 2004, LiLo’s acting career was in full swing. Bagging the lead role as new girl Cady in Mean Girls was not her only success, she also had an impressive string of lucrative teen movie titles to her credit in the early 2000’s. But where did it all go wrong? Somewhere around 2006, Lindsay started hanging with the bad crowd and getting herself into all sorts of trouble. Some say that Lindsay lost the plot after she split from lesbian DJ Samantha Ronson. From DUIs, stints in rehab and some questionable film choices (*cough* I Know Who Killed Me ), Lindsay’s career took a nosedive.

Nowadays, she is a tabloid favourite and recently had her own reality show that was broadcast on Oprah’s OWN Network. As of this week, however, reports say that the Queen of daytime herself pulled the plug on the series because of poor ratings, and the stars boozy behaviour. Poor Lindsay…



Rachel McAdams (Regina George)



Rachel McAdams owes a lot to Mean Girls for launching her into the world of Hollywood. It was her breakout role as Regina George, the evil manipulative queen bee of The Plastics, that made her a star. After Mean Girls, McAdams had another little role in a movie that kind of did well. The Notebook saw her pair up with heartthrob Ryan Gosling and together they made audiences bawl and boyfriends everywhere feel completely inadequate. The two stars ended up dating for three years. She continues to have steady work in Hollywood including films like Wedding Crashers, The Vow and Midnight in Paris. Last year, McAdams starred alongside Domhnall Gleeson in the critically acclaimed About Time.

Fun fact: McAdams was 25 when she appeared in Mean Girls, whereas Lohan was only 18.


Amanda Seyfried (Karen Smith)


Amanda Seyfried is another Mean Girls alum that has been doing quite well for herself over the past ten years. Her role as the dim-witted Plastic with the psychic breasts was her big screen debut, but now she is one of Hollywood’s most viable leading ladies. Despite starring in quite a few chick flicks (Dear John, Letters to Juliet), Seyfried has a knack for versatility and has played roles ranging from teenage lesbi-geek (Jennifer’s Body) to porn star (Lovelace). She starred alongside Justin Timberlake in futuristic thriller In Time, and also proved herself to be quite the singer in the film adaptations of Mamma Mia! and Les Miserablés. 


Lacey Chabert (Gretchen Wieners)



Regina’s insecure right hand woman had a lot going for her – her dad invented the toaster strudel, don’t ya know. Alas, the real life Lacey Chabert slipped off the radar after Mean Girls was released. She had a couple of failed pilot episodes under her belt, along with a few less than noteworthy TV roles and instead got back into voice acting. She was the original voice of Meg Griffin in Family Guy, before being axed for Mila Kunis. She also voiced roles in The Wild Thornberries, The Amazing Spider-man cartoon series and a host of video games. She got hitched to her longtime boyfriend, David Nehdar, late last year. Fetch.


Lizzy Caplan (Janis Ian)


Janis Ian, the grungy outcast with a grudge against Regina George. Lizzy Caplan is now a successful TV actress and has appeared on True Blood, New Girl and most recently, the critically acclaimed Golden Globe nominated series Masters of Sex. In 2008 she has some big screen success when bagged herself a role in J.J. Abrams Cloverfield. Caplan also dated friends actor Matthew Perry for a whopping six years, before splitting in 2012.


Daniel Franzese (Damian)


The “too gay to function” best friend of Janis may be famous for uttering his catchphrase “You go Glen Coco!” but nowadays he curates art exhibitions in New York city. Recently, Daniel reunited with his Mean Girls co-stars Lindsay Lohan and Rajiv Surendra in a NY club. Lohan tweeted a picture of the crew with the caption, “#youcantsitwithus”. Fierce. While his character Damian was always out and proud, Daniel Franzese only officially came out of the closet in April 2014, through an open letter to his Mean Girls counterpart.


Jonathan Bennett (Aaron Samuels)


Heartthrob and totally ‘grool’ Aaron Samuels may have been a ladies man on screen, but in reality Jonathan Bennett is gay. The actor was in a relationship with fellow actor Matt Dallas. As for his career, by the looks of his IMDB page, he is doing quite well for himself!


Bennett and ex-boyfriend Matt Dallas

Rajiv Surendra (Kevin G)


The mathlete and straight up gangsta rapper hasn’t done any work in showbiz since 2005. But, who cares? He has turned into a giant ride. Here he is with his top off.

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