Miz Cracker And Katelyn Left Shook After Getting Mugged In Dublin

Miz Cracker and her best friend Katelyn were in Dublin for the '10's Across The Board' show when their handbag was stolen.

Miz Cracker outside Guinness Storehouse

The drag daughter of Bob the Drag Queen and star of RPDR season 10 is currently on tour off the success of her stint on the show and has taken her comedy show to Ireland where she took to the stage for the official Cork Pride afterparty last week.

On Friday night she travelled to Dublin to perform with her season 10 sisters Aquaria, Asia O’Hara, Yuhua Hamasaki and Kameron Michaels.

Before the ’10s Across The Board’ show Cracker and her best friend Katelyn went to explore the sights of Dublin.

At about 5.30pm on Friday Cracker tweeted that she and Katelyn had just got mugged, asking her fans to bring “snacks and love” at the next few meet and greets.

“Katelyn and I just got mugged in Dublin. Bring us lots of snacks and love at these next few meet and greets.”

Many tweeted their support to Cracker, fellow drag race star Blair St Clair replied saying “Omg! Are you guys okay??”

Lots of Cracker’s Irish fans tweeted their support and to let Cracker know that this is not usual in Ireland.

“I’m so embarrassed this happened in Ireland… I hope yous are okay?”

“cracker I SWEAR that Ireland is not like that on a whole, these people who did this don’t represent us. hope you’re ok sweetie.”

Some started the grand ol’ Cork versus Dubin debate:

“Yet another reason why Cork is the real capital.”

Wicked Dublin MPU

The best reply goes to the person who told her to pop into her gran’s who will have the tea and biscuits at the ready.

After the numerous calls of support, Cracker sent an update to say they were both okay, just shook by how fast it all happened.

“We are okay! Just lost money + cards + ID so we are basically moneyless right now until we get things sorted. Otherwise, we are fine. He ran by and snatched it so fast we were left in shock. Thank you, everyone!”

The good news is this hasn’t turned her off the Emerald Isle for good as it was announced over the weekend that she will be back for a one-woman all-ages comedy show in 2019!

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