The Monday Mix: Kate Bush


Will St Leger is here to share his first Monday Mix, and it’s a Kate Bush corker, folks.


This week, I think you should hear Echoes remix of, ‘This Woman’s Work’ by Kate Bush, from her 1989 album, The Sensual World.  Echoes have proved themselves worthy of reworking this slow tempo song by one of the UK’s much loved performers.

The remix starts with a, ‘Robyn-esque’ juddering synth bass line set to a steady beat at 121 beats per minute (bpm), which seems fast considering the original is 66 bpm. Kate’s soft voice and melancholic lyrics lift out of the track, immersed in reverbed piano keys and warm pads. Midway through the song breaks down into fluctuating synth notes that build up with the drums into full piano chords with Kate’s echoing vocals.

In a word, superb.

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