Mothers and Fathers Matter Respond To 'No' Poster Family


This week, the family in the stock image featured on a ‘No’ poster from Mothers and Fathers Matter, came out in support of a Yes vote. The group responded on Twitter.


After the Australian family who was used in the poster issued a statement through Amnesty International Ireland, saying, “We are unhappy that the image of us was used for a political campaign as legally this seems a bit of a grey area, and we would have expected that for a big campaign like this, Mothers & Fathers Matter might have sought out images of people who represent their views.”

Colm O’Gorman, Executive Director of Amnesty International Ireland added, “They are upset that an image of their family is being used to promote a message that they profoundly disagree with.

“The family, who are expecting their second child in June, do not want to be the poster family for the No side in this referendum.

“They want to ensure that when people look at those posters on lamp posts all around the country, and feel angry or upset because of how it judges them or members of their family, that the real family on the poster values them, values their relationships and ALL families. They want them to know, that they would vote ‘Yes’.”

Mothers and Fathers Matter issued their own response earlier this afternoon on Twitter, claiming that the Yes side are dodging the issues.


Eh, Yes side took a hammering? What TV debates were these guys watching?

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