Mr Gay Syria Won't Let ISIS Win

Mr. Gay Syria (left) and Islamic Extremists (right) who Beheaded his boyfriend

In an act of utter defiance Hussein Sabat, who’s boyfriend was beheaded three years ago, fights back against homophobia and Islamic Extremists by having a Mr. Gay Syria competition.


Twenty four year old hairdresser Hussein Sabat was one of four Syrian men to compete in a Mr. Gay Syria competition in Istanbul this year. The men did strip-teases and danced in high heels to impress the judges at the competition, which named Hussein as the winner, crowning him Mr. Gay Syria.

Sabat and the other contestants hoped to show the world that Syrian gay men are not just bodies to be thrown off buildings, but rather they are to be celebrated in their own right. The runner-up, William, is pictured below mid strip-tease!



“I was with Zakaria for four years,” said Sabat, “but three years ago ISIS beheaded him. They sent the execution video to his family […] I couldn’t speak for a month,” reveals the brave man. Mr. Gay Syria chooses not to let fear of ISIS dictate his life, declaring “I hate them more than I’m scared.”


Since Islamic extremists threaten the LGBT community in Syria, who are forced to conceal their sexuality for fear of being murdered,  Sabat is currently campaigning for more Syrian refugees to be granted asylum in Europe.

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