Mrs. Brown Is Voting Yes For Marriage Equality - Here's Why

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In a new promo video, Mrs. Brown says why she is voting Yes for marriage equality on May 22.


First TV legends Dustin and Bosco become something of LGBT activists, now Ireland’s “mammy-in-chief” Mrs Brown (Brendan O’Carroll) lends her voice to the Yes campaign.

Speaking in the video, which also stars Mrs Brown’s on-screen gay son Rory (Rory Cowan), she says, “Nothing beats the joy and contentment I feel knowing that my son Rory has just as much opportunity for happiness as everybody else’s son. And that’s all I ask for him, the opportunity.”

The video was shot in Glasgow during Mrs. Browns sell-out UK tour. The team at BOC Productions gave all their time completely free of charge to show their commitment to equality.

While the team worked for free, some costs were involved in making the promo – a bill footed by MCD’s Denis Desmond and Caroline Downey. Downey said, “All our staff and artists are proud to support a yes vote on May 22nd – whatever little part we could play in making this happen, we were more than happy to do so”.

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