Mykki Blanco Quits Music To Become Journalist

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Gay rapper Mykki Blanco has announced on Facebook that he is to step back from making music to become an investigative journalist.


Blanco, real name Michael Quattlebaum Jr, explained on Facebook that he is to take a break from the music industry to pursue his long time passion of investigative journalism.

He said in his Facebook post that he wanted to focus on “documenting and writing about homosexuality and gay culture in remote corners of the world.”

“I must be honest, writing words that rhyme over beats made by other people mostly male no longer interests me and I’ve felt this way for over a year now,” he explained.

“I do not find being a ‘rapper’ fascinating and rather than waste the remaining 9 months of 2015 in some kind of FAKE existential crisis where I pretend I don’t know what I want I’m taking the initial steps to securing what I know I do want, to observe and write about places and cultures in our world not known to many and to better educate myself about the cultures, gender politics and patriarchy that shape our society so that I may one day be able to speak and influence our world in a way a dance song and music video cannot.”


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Mykki Blanco has been an active musician for the past three years and has released one studio album as well as several EP’s and mixtapes.

His 2012 single Wavvy has more than 1million views on YouTube to date.


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