New LEGO Ideas Submission Pays Tribute To Will & Grace

First, there was a quest to make a RuPaul lego version set, now there is a tribute to NBC's globally-popular sitcom Will & Grace.

concept photo of Will & Grace LEGO set

User SeeMarkGeek submitted the project to make a Will & Grace LEGO set a reality this morning to help celebrate the approaching 10th season.

It needs to reach 10,000 votes in order to progress to stop the official LEGO review stage.

A short description detailing the project says that the piece includes figures of all four main characters: Karen, Jack, Will and Grace and also features Will’s complete apartment.

concept photo of Will & Grace LEGO set

“Explore Will Truman’s apartment at 9C, 155 Riverside Drive and recreate your favourite moments from this award-winning comedy series.

“Featuring Will, Grace, Jack and Karen mini-figures, Will’s apartment is brimming with familiar furniture, objects and spaces.”

To bring this project a step closer to becoming a reality, click here to vote for it.


RuPaul’s Brick Race

If the username “SeeMarkGeek” seems familiar to you it might be as he also submitted the product idea for the RuPaul Lego set back in February 2017.

The product idea received over 10,000 votes, which is required to move it to the next stage, but unfortunately, it didn’t pass the LEGO Review stage.

LEGO did not state why this didn’t pass but just said that reviewers have to take all factors into consideration which includes playability, safety, and fit with the LEGO brand.

SeeMarkGeek, whose real name is Mark Fitzpatrick, announced that it didn’t get through on Twitter but said he had been astounded by the support from the RuPaul’s Drag Race, LGBTI and LEGO communities:

“While we all would have LOVED to see a themed set to hit shelves, it’s not to be. But not for lack of trying or for a lack of support – I’ve been astounded by the support for the RPDR, LGBTI and LEGO communities worldwide.”

Although this didn’t end up in production, there is still a way for you to build your very own Drag Race workroom with LEGO.

Mark released instructions here which list everything you need to build your own.

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