Watch: LGBT Superheroes Falling In Love


Two gay superheroes meet and fall head over heels in the new trailer designed as a call to raise awareness of the LGBT roots of many comic book heroes.


The trailer, which isn’t for an actual film, was produced by Shape History, a social change company based in the UK.

According to the company “Iceman, Mystique, Catwoman and many other well known superheroes are written as LGBT in the comic books, only to then appear as straight when they hit the big screen. This trailer gives fans the first opportunity to see LGBT superheroes accurately brought to life.”

Director Mike Buonaiuto told mashable that he hopes the trailer will encourage major studios to produce a film that will give “LGBT kids a hero they can look up to.”

“Growing up I used to love characters like Iceman, Mystique and Catwoman, but never realised they were originally written as LGBT in the comic books and therefore affectively stripped of their sexuality when they hit the big screen” Buonaiuto told Mashable.

The clip debuted at MCM Comic Con in London to a large audience. The clip is well timed with recent calls to give Captain America a boyfriend.

The #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend hashtag was prompted in part by fans drawing attention to the Captain’s close friendship with childhood buddy Bucky Barnes.

With possible Lesbians in Finding Dory, Elsa hopefully getting a girlfriend and now Captain America’s paramours, the stage is set for this trailer and hopefully a sharp increase in LGBT representation in mainstream media.


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