Nintendo Remove 'Gay Conversion' Plot from game


Nintendo has been forced to alter a controversial scene in an upcoming game that sees a lesbian character having her drink spiked by a male character so she becomes attracted to men.


In the 3DS strategy game Fire Emblem: Fates, lesbian character Soleil is shown as having great difficulty talking to other women. This enables an option for the main player – who can be male or female depending on the player’s choice – to drug Soleil’s drink with a magic powder that reverses other characters’ genders, in an attempt to put her at ease around woman.

One of Soleil’s more confident exchanges (screen shot from Fire Emblem)

If the player’s character is male, when the powder wears off Soleil can propose to that character, whom she now loves as male, reports

Some players have responded angrily to the drink spiking plot while others criticised the “gay conversion” of a queer-identified character to a heterosexual one.

Nintendo of America have released a statement stating that “drugging” plot will not be included in the U.S and European versions of the game. “In the version of the game that ships in the U.S. and Europe, there is no expression which might be considered as gay conversion or drugging that occurs between characters,” a Nintendo representative told Nintendo World Report.

The company faced similar criticism from LGBT activists in 2013 after it fixed a “bug” in the game Tomodachi Collection: New Life which allowed male Miis – players’ digital avatars – to engage in same-sex marriages.

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