'Notions' Releases Teaser For It's Irish LGBT Comedy Web Series

Eoghan McQuinn and Valerie Lynch in their new web series Notions

Comedian Valerie Lynch and filmmaker Eoghan McQuinn teamed up to create their new web series comedy, ‘Notions’


Have you got notions? Maybe you know someone who does? Or maybe you don’t even know what ‘notions’ are.

Buzzfeed’s list of things that have different meanings in Ireland than in the rest of the world accurately describes what a ‘notion’ is in:



What it normally means: A belief or an idea.

What it means in Ireland: The worst thing you could have, especially in plural.


Now that that’s out of the way, the stage is nicely set for this recently announced comedy web series from Valerie Lynch and Eoghan McQuinn, ‘Notions’.


What’s It About?

The series explores the camaraderie, the joys and the pitfalls of two “drama school dropouts” living together.

McQuinn and Lynch describe their series as follows: “Valerie & Eoghan are two drama school drop-outs who assume many uncomfortable positions in life, entry level minimum wage jobs and fetal positions on the couch.

“Together they must face the economic realities and mental delusions of their mid-20s. Okay fine, late 20s.”

Check out the teaser for the web series below:



Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks, because we’ll be releasing an interview with Eoghan McQuinn before the series goes live.

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