Panti Appears In New HIV Support Group Video

Panti on HIV Air storing her backs, in a video for the new HIV support group My HIV My Rules My Journey

All Aboard! HIV Air is now preparing for take off, and Panti is one of the passengers


To launch the new campaign ‘My HIV, My Rules, My Journey‘ Panti appears in a video on the UK website.

My HIV My Rules is a UK website which aims to provide people living with HIV information, support and guidance in navigating “their lifelong journey with the condition.

To launch the service, the team created a video starring Panti Bliss. The premise of the video is that HIV positive passengers are aboard an HIV Air airplane which is mid flight.

A droning, self-righteous flight attendant calls passengers to attention over the intercom and begins to dictate the safety instructions that passengers have heard a million times before.


The flight attendant on HIV Air in the video for the new HIV support group My HIV, My Rules, My Journey


“Welcome on board HIV Air. Sit back, relax and let us take care of you whether you want it or not,” the flight attendant announces with the familiar drawl of airline crew.

The unmistakeable ping of a Grindr alert disrupts the steward who pounces on the man whose phone emitted the sound, slamming his phone on the tray table into the upright position.

“Make sure your bag or as we call it your viral load is nice and safe. Simply do everything we tell you to do and I’m sure you’ll be fine

“In the seat pocket in front of you, you’ll find the safety information card,” the flight attendant begins.

“Yes you’ve all seen them thousands of times before but we here at HIV Air really do know better than you about what’s best for your health!”

At this point Panti takes out the safety card and scoffs at it. As the flight attendant passes by the drag queen, Panti gets up.

“Hey! Lady!” Panti says. “Listen Missy, we’ve all had enough of being told what to do, most of us don’t even listen as you drone on.”

Check out the video below to see what happens on HIV Air after that – the flight attendant might just have a mutiny on their hands!





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