Panti Bliss Talks Marriage Referendum in Attitude

panti bliss marriage referendum

In an piece on Attitude Magazine‘s website – our very own Panti Bliss writes about the Marriage Referendum and the history of referendums in Ireland.


In the piece, Panti Bliss (aka Rory O’Neill) describes the history of referendums and how, if the Marriage Referendum passes, Ireland will be the first country to pass same-sex marriage into law by a public vote.

“Should the referendum pass, Ireland will become the first country in the world to bring in marriage equality by popular vote, as every other country has done it through parliamentary legislation. And believe me, the Irish government would love to do it that way too, without the hassle of an inevitably bitter and divisive referendum campaign.”

Panti also describes how the new law would change same-sex partnerships – which were legalised in 2010 – by allowing more legal rights for gay couples.

“Ireland has had Civil Partnerships for same-sex couples since 2010, but the proposed ‘upgrade’ to full marriage equality is not just symbolic, as currently civil partnerships fall far short of marriage in a number of areas.”

Panti also describes how the No campaign is hoping to scaremonger uninformed Irish citizens by making the Marriage Referendum about children – children don’t figure into the argument as the Children and Family Relationships Bill will pass or fail before we take to the polls for this referendum.

“Funded and aided by US right-wing religious groups, their tactic is to worry people by suggesting that allowing gay couples to marry will somehow ‘deprive children of a mother and a father’.”

Panti’s letter is both informative and true to her acerbic wit so check out the full thing at the link above.

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