Panti For President: Queen Of Ireland Talks About Presidency

Panti giving a speech, like one of the speeches she might give if a Panti for President campaign became a reality

Panti would be “quite good” as President of Ireland, the Queen of Ireland says


Panti, who was at the forefront of the ‘Yes Equality’ campaign which led to the legalisation of same-sex marriage, believes that she would make a good president.

“I jokingly have said I would be quite good with the Irish presidency because I make a decent speech and Panti poses pretty well for pictures,” Panti said on the matter.

Since her Noble Call speech became a viral sensation, garnering hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube, Panti has had a meteoric rise to fame.

Fintan O’Toole, a journalist for the Irish Times, called Panti’s Noble Call “the most eloquent Irish speech since Daniel O’Connell was in his prime.”


From Queen To President?

Panti admits that having her as a President would have a benefit unique to a drag queen candidate.

“I suppose you would get two people for the price of one,” Panti laughed.

“My life is an open book. All of the worst things I’ve ever done are all out there. There are no skeletons left in my closet,” Panti said.

“People mention a presidential run half jokingly to me and yet there was a time when our political parties were coming to me but I had no interest.”

Even though Panti / Rory O’Neill might make a great President for Ireland, she currently has no plans to run for the office.


Mainstream Drag

Now with the documentary Queen Of Ireland and Panti’s rise to international fame, she finds herself in an unusual position as a drag artist who had her roots in subversion.

“I liked that it [drag] was underground and transgressive and fun and discombobulating.

“Now I find myself in this weird position that Panti is actually Establishment in Ireland. That’s something I’m still adjusting and navigating through.”

“Can I still be transgressive and be on the cover of silly magazines,” the drag queen asked.


A New Role

Panti is continuing to adjust to her new role as a gay rights activist across the world.

“I was forty something when it happened. I knew exactly who I was already. I travel a lot now.”

Panti said that the story of Ireland and our legalisation of same-sex marriage is inspiring to countries where homosexuality is dangerous.

“They’re where we were 30 years ago, but then Panti comes along and shows them dramatic change is possible. Our story is making them courageous.”

Will Panti make it to Áras An Uachtaráin as President?

That remains to be seen, but if she did decide to run for President, there would undoubtedly be some emotive speeches, gorgeous outfits and continued advocacy to back up her candidacy.

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