Panti Submits 19,000 Signatures To Save The Pantibar Sign

Save The Pantibar Sign petition

Panti Bliss garnered 19,000 signatures to save the Pantibar sign and she’s submitting them today


The Queen of Ireland, Panti Bliss, received a massive showing of support from people who enjoy and want to save the Pantibar sign from being taken down by An Bord Pleanála on grounds of insufficient planning permission.

Panti posted on Twitter yesterday saying: “Thanks to the 19,000 who signed ‘Save Pantibar Sign’ petition. Delivering tomorrow. Currently 665 pages!”



For those who have not yet seen the Pantibar sign, here it is in all its glory.


There was a petition to Save the Pantibar Sign which is being carried to its final location on Capel St here.
The Pantibar sign being carried before being erected outside Pantibar.


There was a petition to save the Pantibar sign (pictured here on a sunny day)
The Pantibar sign adorning the side of the Pantibar building.


Complaints were made to Dublin City Council (DCC) about the Pantibar sign, which was erected in March of last year in advance of the marriage equality vote, calling for the LED-illuminated sign to be removed.

Panti responded to these complaints saying she would “appealing this neanderthal decision, and fighting it tooth and acrylic nail.”

“There is nothing cheap or thoughtless about any of Pantibar’s visual communication. I love good design, I love Capel Street. I love Dublin (and wish it weren’t blighted by cheap signage that adds nothing to the cityscape). And I fucking LOVE our beautiful sign.”

Iona Institute’s David Quinn even came out in support of keeping the sign, saying: “Perhaps this will surprise some, but I reckon the sign outside the Pantibar should be allowed to remain in place.”


(Images: via Panti)

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