Parents Violently Attacked After Defending Gay Son


A mother and father were viciously beaten by a gang of teenagers while defending their gay son from homophobic abuse, a Dublin court has heard.


The perpetrators – three teenage schoolgirls who kicked, punched and stubbed a cigarette out on the mother’s face during the attack – were found guilty of committing a violent disorder at the Dublin Children’s Court (pictured).

Two of the girls pleaded not guilty and claimed they were drunk on vodka and alcopops at the time of the assault. A third, who attacked the mother with a cigarette, was remanded on bail for later sentencing.

The father was attacked and allegedly knocked out by another teenage who is being tried separately, reports The Irish Times.

The mother of the gay teenager told the court that she confronted a group of teenagers who had gathered outside her house and were taunting her son about his sexuality. When she confronted the assembled teenagers, she claimed three girls attacked and one of them stubbed a cigarette out on her face, aiming for her eye.

Both parents were badly beaten by the teens and the father was knocked unconscious before a neighbour intervened and called the Gardaí.

This is the second reported homophobic attack to make headlines this week, after a young lesbian couple were assaulted in Limerick several days ago.

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