Parishioners Walk Out of Mass Over Priest's Anti-Gay Comments


Several members of the congregation at a Donegal church walked out of mass after the priest condemned GAA star, Eamon McGee, for supporting the Yes Equality campaign.


According to The Donegal Daily, Father John Britto spoke out against same-sex marriage during his sermon in Annagry, Co.Donegal on Saturday evening. He reportedly told the congregation that Gaoth Dobhair footballer Eamon McGee was wrong in supporting the Yes Equality – Pledge To Vote campaign last month.

A mother who was at the church told The Donegal Daily, “A few people walked out; Father Britto was giving a very robust sermon on gay marriage and said McGee was wrong.”

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Eamon McGee backs the Yes Equality – Pledge To Vote campaign

One family, who were at the church for an anniversary of a deceased relative, were reportedly left distraught and upset by the priest’s comments.

Father Britto’s sermon comes just days after the sports star received criticism over Twitter for supporting the Yes campaign. McGee said that while “the reaction has been more than positive” a Catholic organisation was “ribbing me on Twitter and asking why the GAA was taking a stand on this.”

He explained,“It’s a societal issue rather than a political issue but the majority of it has been supportive and I think it’s a good opportunity too for people to talk about it. It just shows you there’s that bit of open-mindedness there.

“There’s no point lying about it: there’s certain aspects of GAA folk that are traditionalists, have Catholic viewpoints and are old school. They will view this with a bit of suspicion, this lifestyle. Maybe that’s 20-30% of them, 30% maximum. The majority of the GAA are coming on now to it.”

Voting for the referendum on same-sex marriage is set to take place on May 22.



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