Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen Visit Stonewall Inn


Everybody’s favourite BFFs, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen once again make you wish you had a bromance that amazing, when they took a trip New York’s famous gay bar, The Stonewall Inn.




Stewart and McKellen never cease to make us “awh!” when they continuously tweet picture after picture with each other. This one was one of our favourites though. The pair took a photo outside Stonewall Inn, the location of the Stonewall Riots in 1969 which is widely regarded as the birthplace of the gay rights movement in the US.

McKellen, who is openly gay, is seen holding his straight best friend’s hand outside the historic venue. While the two play sworn enemies in the X-Men franchise (McKellen as Magneto and Stewart as Professor Xavier), in reality they are thick as thieves. McKellen even officiated Stewart’s wedding last year.

While they were in New York promoting their shows No Man’s Land and Waiting For Godot, they hit a few more famous spots, and of course, made sure to get photographic evidence.

Fellas, please never change.

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