Petition To Ban Scottish Pride Event Receives 600 Signatures

An member of the Free Church of Scotland has launched a petition to ban an Inverness Pride event, because it thrusts "lewdness in the faces of men, women and children".

Image of the Proud Ness logo, the Scottish LGBT event.

A petition to ban a Pride event in the Scottish city of Inverness has amassed over 600 signatures. Donald Morrison, an Evangelical member of The Free Church of  Scotland launched the petition, which he hopes will prevent Proud Ness, an LGBT+ celebration, from going ahead. Proud Ness, which is scheduled to take place on October 6, would be the first official pride event Inverness has hosted since 2002.

Morrison and the signatories are protesting the event on “moral and religious grounds’, claiming that the event is “unsavoury’ and may offend children.

Morrison spoke to his local newspaper, the Inverness Courier, about his concerns over participants who, he believes will “thrust lewdness in the faces of men, women and children alike by frolicking unashamedly on rainbow-coloured floats, making obscene sexual gestures”.

In spite of his petition, Morrison claims that he has “nothing against personal individuals who want to live their life that way, though he does fear Proud Ness will be “deeply disturbing for children to see”.

A spokesperson from the Highland LGBT Forum told Gay Star News that while Morrison is within his right to protest, it is “sad to see” such a reaction from some members of the local community in Inverness.

He told the newspaper: “It’s almost impossible to please everyone, and the gentleman in question is entitled to express his opinion.”

In response to Morrison’s campaign, a counter-petition was circulated, which has now gained over 3,000 signatures.

The campaign’s homepage reads: “Inverness has no pride, no gay bars, no anything for the LGBT community. This march means something to us and to have it taken away is just ridiculous! Love has no gender! Love is unconditional and for 600+ people to make us and our community feel unwelcome and unwanted is heartbreaking.”

When asked about Morrison’s petition, the Scottish Highland Council told Pink News that while they are aware of its circulation the matters raised in the petition are “not sufficient reason for the Council to refuse permission for the parade, and the petition is being considered separately”.


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