Petition To Get Panti To Present Shamrock To Trump

A picture of Enda Kenny with a shamrock, panti bliss in a pink dress, and trump in front of an illuminated building

Over eight hundred people have signed a petition to get Panti Bliss to present Donald Trump with a shamrock


A new petition to get “Panti Bliss to present Shamrock to Trump” which was created four days ago has already received over eight hundred signatures, over 80% of the way to its goal.

The petition, which was created by ‘Make the world a nicer place’, highlights the importance of sending Donald Trump a clear message of defiance “against the tyrannical regime” that is now in power in the United States.

“I would like to see one of the most iconic modern day ambassadors of Ireland make an important statement that will reflect the opinions and views of the citizens of Ireland, as opposed to a thoughtless gesture which has lost its true meaning and become a brown nosing exercise by our current political representatives,” the petition’s creator explains.

“It is important to try and send a strong and crystal clear message from as many people worldwide to show defiance against the tyrannical regime that seems to be infecting the United States of America.”


A Trumped Up World

Donald Trump’s recent Executive Orders left certain minorities out in the cold, with the immigration ban and plans to progress the constructi0n of a border wall.

On top of that a leaked draft of a ‘Religious Freedom’ Executive Order revealed the current regime’s views on LGBT rights with the as-of-yet unsigned order legalising discrimination towards LGBT people based upon religious beliefs.

The very existence of this petition to get the Queen of Ireland to present Trump with a shamrock is indicative of a liberal Ireland which will not stand idly by while the hard-fought liberties of LGBT people and other minorities are in jeopardy.

So if you would like Panti Bliss to represent a modern Ireland this St. Patrick’s Day and present the US President with a shamrock, go ahead and sign the petition here.

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