Pics: Miley's X-Rated G-A-Y Performance


This past weekend, Miley Cyrus took her brand of pop-roticism to the hallowed stage of the iconic  G-A-Y. Things got nasty…


We have come to expect this type of raunchiness from the once squeaky clean Disney starlet, but this weekend she brought her stage antics to a whole new level.

She performed hits like We Can’t Stop to a wild gay crowd at the London gay bar. From simulating fellatio with a blow-up sex doll, to riding around on a gigantic inflatable penis, G-A-Y’s patrons sure did get their money’s worth!

Hmm, we blame the alcohol. It’s clear that our Miley is the “inappropriate” drunk, (let’s be fair, we all have a friend like that). The 21 year-old posted a blurry selfie to her Instagram in the wee hours of Saturday morning, with the caption, “Was to drunk to even get a good selfie/ I had so much fun with you GAY [sic]”

When in Rome, eh?


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