P!nk's New Music Video 'Just Like Fire' Takes A Trip To Wonderland

Pink poses with hands clawed and nails out in new music video Just Like Fire.

P!nk has released a trippy new music video for her song ‘Just Like Fire’, inspired by the latest movie in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland franchise, Alice Through The Looking Glass.


Willow Hart about to step through the looking glass in P!nk's new music video Just Like Fire
Willow Hart about to step through the looking glass.

Pink’s newest music video ‘Just Like Fire’ is out now, and features the singer performing an aerial dance before her daughter, Willow Hart (pictured), follows a butterfly, disappearing into a mirror. P!nk follows her, stepping through the mirror into Wonderland.

Once through the looking glass, P!nk finds herself on a life-size chessboard full of whacky chess pieces portrayed by different versions of P!nk herself.

From there P!nk has a tea party with the Mad Hatter, and has a run in with Time (Sacha Baron Cohen) himself, before being forced back to reality in a straight jacket.

Alice Through The Looking Glass is scheduled to be released on May 26th starring Mia Wasikowska as Alice, Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter.

Watch the video below.



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