Police Arrest 57 Men In Nigeria For Suspected Homosexual Activity

Police raided a birthday party in a local hotel and took 57 men into custody for "banned substances" and "homosexual activity".

The group of men arrested in Nigeria for homosexual activity all lined up on a bench with their faces turned toward the ground

In disturbing news, Nigerian police carried out a mass arrest of 57 men for the crime of “homosexual activity” this past weekend. Following a tip off, authorities raided a party at the Kelly Ann Hotel in Lagos with the intention of rounding up gay people.

State police commissioner Imohimi Edgal told reporters that when police stormed the hotel “young men numbering about 80 were met in a hall taking different types of drinks including banned substances like Tramadol, Shisha laced with substances suspected to be Marijuana.” Edgal continued: “When the men sighted the police, they took to their heels but the police arrested 57 of them.”

Revealing that finding the banned substances were never their intention, Edgal went on to say “The youths have graduated from cultism to homosexuality. This is a dangerous dimension. We must stop them before they infiltrate our streets and schools. This war against gay should not be left for the security agencies alone. We are fighting cultism, drugs and at the same time homosexuality. I think all hands must be on the deck to stop this act.”

With statements like that, it is completely understandable that many of the men arrested denied being homosexual. Some states in Nigeria advocate death by stoning as capital punishment for same-sex relations, while others impose prison sentences of up to 14 years.

One of the men arrested said he had been invited to the birthday party by a friend but hadn’t known the hosts. “The police just barged in and arrested people, I was outside the hall buying a drink when I was arrested. They also arrested few ladies but they let go of the ladies. The police didn’t allow us know our offence until we reached the police station yesterday.”

He continued “They accused us of being homosexuals, I am not one, I went there to party. They also accused us of being initiated but no initiation material was found with us or at the venue.” 

Similar stories were reported from the other men arrested, all stating they were accused incorrectly of being gay.

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