Poll: Average Brit Knows 8 Gay People


A poll released today by YouGov has revealed that the average British person knows 8 gay people.


YouGov, an international internet-based market research firm, surveyed over 2000 members of the British public about how many gay men and women they know.

Though exact figures are unknown, the British Goverment estimates that around 6% of the country’s 63 million population are lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB)

The poll, released at the weekend, revealed that a typical British person personally knows 5.5 gay men and 3.1 gay women, with women more likely to know gay women (they know 3.4 compared to the average males’ 2.7), and also know more gay men (5).

In contrast, the average LGBT British person knows 21.6 gay men and 10.3 gay women, with people living in London knowing significantly more gay men (8.5 compared to between 4.8-5.5 elsewhere).


Full poll results are available on YouGov’s website.

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