Pope Francis to Meet With Gay and Trans Prisoners

pope francis

Pope Francis will break bread with 10 gay and transgender prisoners in Naples, Italy, tomorrow (March 21).


He will visit the local prison in Naples and have lunch with 90 inmates, a contingent of which is LGBT and those living with HIV and Aids.

Though the lunch hadn’t been planned initially, Pope Francis insisted upon it as he want to spend time with the prisoners – reportedly, the meal will be “frugal”.

The lunch will also be cooked and prepared by prisoners.

It’s understandably difficult for most to read into the pope’s actions, as he seems to send mixed signals.

Pope Francis has said that he is not free to judge gay people, however, he has showed his support for an anti-gay referendum in Slovakia.

Then, earlier this year, Pope Francis held an audience with a trans man and his wife after the man was shunned by his community and reached out to the pontiff.

However, almost a month later, Pope Francis has come under fire after a book was released in Italy in February, in which he was quoted saying that trans people destroy creation, “Let’s think also of genetic manipulation, of the manipulation of life, or of the gender theory, that does not recognise the order of creation.”

He also welcomed a gay group to an audience at the Vatican, however, they were ignored in the list of groups in attendance.

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