“Happy AIDS Month” Poster Campaign Calls Gays “A Walking Disease”

A neo-Nazi poster campaign in Australia calls Pride “AIDS month”, stating that gay men make up the highest numbers of STI and HIV cases.

A poster on a lamp post reading - gays are a walking disease

“It just goes to show how far we still have to go in the fight for equality.”

Plastered on lampposts in Melbourne by Antipodean Resistance, a group which describes itself as Hitler’s Youth, the ‘Happy AIDS Month’ poster features an emaciated man against a rainbow flag background, holding up a sign declaring, “What are you doing about AIDS?”

Gay Star News reports that poster has been timed to coincide with Pride month in the city and that after receiving a number of calls complaining about them, local police services had them removed. An investigation will also be carried out.

“Police will review CCTV in the area as part of their investigation,” a spokesperson told the website.

poster declares gays are a

In the lead-up to the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey, Antipodean Resistance group targeted churches, universities and public places with homophobic propaganda linking same-sex marriage and paedophilia. The group has also been the subject of terrorist concerns.

Anne Aly, a Labor MP has suggested that the group may turn to terrorism, stating “For a terrorist attack to succeed, it really only takes one person.”

Dr Aly called for the group to be banned stating: “I would like to see some of these groups proscribed … as terrorist and violent organisations.”

Melbourne-based Senator, Janet Rice called the poster “appalling”.

“Our city is one of inclusion and should be a place where everyone feels safe to be who they are,” she told Gay Star News. “It just goes to show how far we still have to go in the fight for equality.”

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