Premiere: ELM paint themselves GOLDEN promoting the power and beauty of individualism

ELM are exclusively premiering the stunning visuals for their new track GOLDEN on GCN as we went behind the scenes to see how it came to life.

ELM Golden
Image: PureGrand

Instead of widening the distance because of our differences, Irish group ELM want to bring everyone together despite them and what better way to unite people than through three and half minutes of a glittering and soul-baring pop song? Speaking about GOLDEN, ELM said:

“GOLDEN represents much more than a colour. It has become our mantra to remind ourselves to unapologetically love each and every part of our body.

“In a world that constantly tries to define what way we should look and present ourselves, ‘GOLDEN’ promotes the power and beauty of individualism.”

ELM had one hell of a year in 2019 and 2020 is set to be even bigger. They are currently on tour supporting American superstar Brooke Candy across Europe and are set to be firm favourites on the festival circuit this summer in both the UK and Ireland with Live at Leeds, Body & Soul and Mighty Hoopla already announced. They have recently announced an Irish headline gig in LoSt LaNe on April 30. ELM have amassed a dedicated following of fans who join them in their celebration of people, of growth and of music:

“The thing about our songs is that we’re not trying to change anything politically. We’re just trying to embrace the beauty of individualism. We’re hoping to get that inclusive, cheered environment that lets the listener feel safe to be themselves.”

ELM Golden

Explaining the meaning behind the song, vocalist Dylan Walsh explained:

“To feel golden to paint me like I’m golden, just to feel yourself no matter what your gender, sexual orientation, just be like ‘yeah this is me and I feel deadly'”

ELM are premiering the music video for GOLDEN below, and we got to go behind the scenes as Dylan, Aidan, Gary and Ca transformed into different iconic paintings.

ELM is made up of Dylan Walsh (vocals), Aidan Clancy (piano and synths), Gary Molloy (cello) and Ca Ahearne (drums). Dylan and Aidan grew up together in Bray, Co. Wicklow. Their adoration of music brought them to Dublin’s BIMM Institute, where they met Ca, their precise and powerful drummer, who they immediately knew would be a perfect fit for the group. The final missing piece came in the shape of Gary, who Dylan instantly befriended when they met one night at a party.

Each member of the band brings a unique element to ELM that is then shared, spliced, perfected and polished with the other members until a carefully constructed, multi-layered and shimmering piece of pop is born.

ELM Golden

As their stories burst into life, Dylan’s vocals drive a sharp yet emotive undercurrent. Warm but laced with a knowing grit, he exudes a sincerity that can so often be overlooked – or underachieved –  by other vocalists. The emotion he projects wraps itself around Gary’s cello playing in an effortless fashion, so much so that it practically feels like a duet. An uplifting surge of honesty, passion and adrenaline, it’s the kind of music that the pop world needs now more than ever.

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ELM teamed up with their “creative family”, H&G Creations and COLLECTIVE Dublin to create the music video. Dylan explains, “Never have I been in a room injected with so much love, support and devotion to art. It lead each of us being captured in a beautifully authentic manner.”

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