Some People In Taiwan Are Really Pissed About This McDonald's Ad


A groundbreaking McDonald’s ad in Taiwan features a gay man coming out to his dad – and some people are not happy about it!


The 90 second TV spot shows a young man writing “I like boys” on a coffee cup and sliding it across to his father. The two share a tense moment, and the father even leaves the table, before he comes back and writes on the cup, “I accept that you like boys.”

In a tender moment of acceptance the son cries and the ad closes with, “Let there be more warmth in conversations.” While many people are reacting positively to the ad, some Taiwanese religious groups were outraged.

Chang Shou-yi of the Alliance of Taiwan Religious Groups for the Protection of Family, said, “Because McDonald’s is frequented by many children, it is especially important to oppose the promotion of same-sex behaviour.”

Chang even accused McDonald’s of “openly promoting gay issues” and mis-educating children on sexual behaviour.

While same-sex marriage is not legal in Taiwan, polls show that over 60% of people approve of marriage equality.



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