Public Consultation Underway To Design An Irish AIDS Memorial

A public meeting to discuss proposals for an Irish AIDS Memorial will take place on Wednesday 1 August at the offices of HIV Ireland.

AIDS memorial planned for Ireland: pictured is the convention centre on Dublin's quays.

An Irish AIDS Memorial was first proposed by activist and writer, Tonie Walsh, at a World AIDS Day 2016 seminar organised by the Department of Media Studies at Maynooth University.

The campaign to build a monument now enters a new phase of public engagement that will hopefully drive the project to conclusion and, along the way, allow many more individuals and groups affected by the AIDS pandemic to own this project.

Speaking to, Tonie said that a memorial is needed to remember “our war-torn dead, fractured memories of our walking wounded”, sacred accounts of “the heroism, the steadfastness in the face of brutality and oppression, the sacrifice and enormous emotional costs to those who survived such appalling loss and destruction. Hidden histories that yearn to be heard”.

Niall Mulligan, Executive Director of HIV Ireland, echoed Tonie’s sentiment: “A national AIDS memorial would recognise the lives lost, the grief and sorrow of those left behind, as well as acting as a reminder that there is still work to do to eliminate new HIV infections in Ireland, and combatting HIV-related stigma and discrimination”.

Wicked Dublin MPU

Earlier this month, People Before Profit Councillor John Lyons called for a public monument or memorial to commemorate the struggle of the Irish LGBTQ+ community.

The councillor has suggested that a number of plaques should be placed at historic Irish LGBTQ+ sites across Dublin, including Liberty Hall, where the first Pride march was held in 1983, and Fairview Park, where Declan Flynn was murdered.

Walsh responded to this saying “I think that’s actually more urgent,”, seeing it as an opportunity to educate a new generation about the Irish AIDS crisis.

Walsh has suggested that an ideal monument would be a plaque at the Hirschfeld Centre, an LGBT community centre, which marks its 40th anniversary next year.

The public consultation about building an Irish AIDS Memorial takes place at 7 pm on Wednesday, August 1 in the offices of HIV Ireland, 70 Eccles Street, D7

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