Putin Compares Gay People To Paedophiles


Russian President Vladimir Putin likened gay people to paedophiles while addressing Sochi 2014 volunteers.


During a Q and A session with approximately 25,000 volunteers for the Sochi Winter Olympics, Putin said, “There is no ban for homosexual relations in Russia, yet propaganda of homosexuality among minors – and paedophilia in particular – are prohibited.”

He continued, “We neither disallow anything [homosexual] nor bust anybody [who is gay], we have no criminal liability for such relations – as opposed to many other countries of the world.

“So you can feel calm and relaxed – but leave the children alone, please. We’re not going to take up that lead towards unknown consequences like weak-willed underlings,” the Russian president stated.

“We have our own traditions and our own culture. We treat with respect all of our partners and we anticipate that our traditions and culture are respected.”

Russia’s controversial “gay propaganda” law prohibits the promotion of “nontraditional relationships” to minors.

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