Queer Irish friends launch independent digital publishing project Cc: Zine

Maitiú Charleton and Anna Waters are releasing the first issue of their independent literary and art zine on November 1.

An image of Cc: Zine editors Maitiú Charleton and Anna Waters.
Image: via Clara Cronin

Maitiú Charleton and his best friend Anna Waters are embarking on a new creative endeavour that will definitely attract the attention of the Irish queer community. The two are launching their very own literary and art publication titled Cc: Zine, and this project couldn’t be cooler. 

In a recently uploaded editor’s note, Anna and Maitiú introduced the zine saying: “This is Cc: Intangible, immaterial, free, post-barrier and totally shareable and accessible. We believe this is the context in which art can best exist. Our role, as editors, is the creation of this context. Our founding principle is that the more art is shared, whatever that art is, created, discussed and loved in a community the healthier and richer that community is.”

They further explained that: “Cc: is a space in which art is available indiscriminately: free submission, totally free access (including its format of maximum shareability via the universal email). retainment of rights to artists and the platforming of voices which seek the new, subversive and challenging”.

Speaking about how the idea came about and his creative collaboration with Anna, Maitiú said: “I thought of the idea for the Cc: Zine and I came up with it. I think that when you’re curating spaces and editing spaces and trying to make sure that your artistic opinions are as good and as fruitful as possible, it’s good to have someone else to bounce ideas off of. I was thinking to myself, who was that person, and it was just so obvious that it was Anna for a huge variety of reasons. We have a really similar perspective in terms of art, we have a similar perspective in terms of taking away our prejudices, and in terms of what art we’re trying to access. We would see a Charlie XCX song as just as valid as the Tchaikovsky symphony in terms of the things that it’s trying to achieve.”

The first edition of Cc: Zine comes out on November 1, and will be non-themed. “There will be an editor’s note from us and a PDF (or whatever word document we choose to format it in) will be the zine. So it will have a front page, a table of contents and then every new page or so will be a new piece. Whether that’s a visual art, AI-generated pieces, short stories, experimental poetry, traditional poetry, and then after those, there will be a table of contents that shows all of the authors and their bios.”


The pair are enormously enthusiastic about this project. Anna spoke about what they hope to achieve with the publication, saying: “The answer to that question always evolves because the process has been so eye-opening. You underrate how a certain aspect of it is going to touch you because we believe that all of the submissions that we read, which we received hundreds, clarifies our vision for us even if we don’t end up publishing it.”

Anna continued: “What we ultimately believe in is artistic spaces… The most powerful thing that one can do is to just promote the sharing of art in the community and the space where people can come into it and be critical. We’re pro-interpretation. Ultimately, the purpose of it is that we just believe that everyone’s lives are improved by exposure and engagement with art.”

If you would like to add your email to the Cc: Zine mailing list, be sure to check out their Instagram page for information on how to do so.



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