All The Hottest Queer Moments In 'Game Of Thrones' So Far

With 'Game of Thrones' returning to our screens tonight, we've looked back to see what LGBT+ viewers can expect from the show.

Queer moments in Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones may be dominated by straight couples – and straight incest – but over the years we’ve seen a few wise characters choose to diversify their sexual partners. With some great queer moments in the show’s history, LGBT+ viewers may have a lot to look forward to this year.

Here are some of the moments that have raised our hopes.

Daenerys learns to be a Queen

Daenerys Targaryen – who is bisexual in George RR Martin’s original book series – may be giving most of her attention to men in the TV show, she did have something of a same-sex encounter in her early days.

After marrying Khal Drogo and enduring a brutal first experience of sex, Daenerys enlists her handmaid Doreah for some coaching.

Daenerys is not a slave, her teacher says, “so don’t make love like one.” The lesson may be in straight sex, but its execution doesn’t read as straight – and if the look in Dani’s eyes is anything to go by, she may not be that different from her book counterpart.

Renly learns to be a King

Later in the show’s first season, Renly Baratheon’s gay lover Ser Loras Tyrell persuades him to lay claim to the Iron Throne – and his argument is very convincing.

In the show’s first actual depiction of gay sex, Loras shaves his partner before telling him “You would be a wonderful King,” and then going down on him to emphasise the point.

Oberyn Martell doesn’t have a favourite

Dornishman Oberyn Martell – responsible for more than his share of the series’ best queer moments – makes his first appearance, quite fittingly, in a brothel.

Dorne is portrayed as a progressive society: woman can inherit titles and land ahead of younger male siblings, there’s no stigma upon children born out of wedlock (as there is in the other six kingdoms) and if the attitude of exuberantly bisexual Prince Oberyn is anything to go by, the place exudes sex-positivity.

When Oberyn and his paramour Ellaria Sand arrive in the capital for Prince Joffrey’s wedding, they waste no time in sampling all that’s on offer in Littlefinger’s brothel.

The show’s only male sex worker, Olyvar, asks Oberyn whether he prefers men or women – because obviously he must have a favourite.

“The Gods made this,” Oberyn answers, slapping Olyvar on the ass, “and its delights me.” Pulling Ellaria close to him, he says “The Gods made this, and it delights me.”

Yara enjoys a foreign invasion

It’s nice to see Ellaria moving on after her partner’s crushing defeat. And she does, with Theon Greyjoy’s big sister Yara.

Crossing the Narrow Sea, Ellaria promises to treat Yara to a fine Dornish red wine when the journey is over – but for now she settles in to enjoy the journey, opening the other woman’s legs and kissing her.

Theon may not be able to protect his sister from a foreign invasion, but unfortunately an attack by Uncle Euron can. A shame, because we’d have liked to see more.

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