A Fictional Queer Podcast Is Being Brought To Dublin

Prospect 57 is a new, fictional podcast that tells the story of a thrilling mystery brought to you by QueerMoon Productions and the Headstuff Podcast Network.

Prospect 57 Podcast Dublin

If you’re looking for a new podcast to binge look no further than Prospect 57, a new six-part series block released on July 1.

Prospect 57 tells the chilling story of James- a gay bartender, who is anxiously awaiting Dublin Pride. The characters celebrate in style with colourful rainbows and queens leading into a night full of celebrations.

But the happy, joyful atmosphere of Pride doesn’t last long as James is found viciously bruised and beaten the next day. While the world sees the attack as a hate crime, Nic, an aspiring journalist, sets to find out what really happened.

Intrigued? You can listen to the trailer here.

As Nic investigates her workplace and colleagues, the listener steps into the world surrounding Prospect 57- a Dublin bar with dark and disturbing secrets that hope to remain hidden.

The podcast will feature an eclectic cast of characters including:

Nic- the wannabe journalist, who is the narrator and investigator throughout the series. Voiced by Ella Maria Carmen.

Gary and Ellen Tyrell- a troubled married couple and the owners of Prospect 57. Voiced by Conor Miley and Fiona Coughlan.

The young bar manager, Monica, who wants to keep her world intact for the sake of her family. Voiced by Brid Ni Chomain.

James- the young, gay bartender who is attacked. Voiced by Adam O’Brien.

Aaron- best friend of Nic, brother of James and a lovable bartender at Prospect 57. Voiced by Conn Cowman.

Jess and Niamh- part time floor staff. Voiced by Clodagh Phelan and Caitriona Williams.

Vanya- the bodyguard played by Conn Cowman.

QueerMoon Productions and the HeadStuff Podcast Network have spent months creating Prospect 57. The story is gripping, full of attacks and deceit that will keep the listener waiting in suspense and eager to hear every new episode.

The podcast was written and directed by Brid Ni Chomain and Ella Maria Carmen, the co-founders of QueerMoon Productions. Prospect 57 was produced and edited by Taz Kelleher, a podcast producer with HeadStuff and host of In The Shower with Taz and Marcus.

All six episodes will be released on July 1, the day after Pride when James was attacked. Listeners will be able to follow along as though the story is happening in real time, on the streets of Dublin.

The series will consist of six episodes, no longer than half an hour. It will be released on all podcast platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Deezer, PodAddict and Castbox. Simply search for “Prospect 57”. You can also listen online here.

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