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The latest QuestionMark asks - Should we travel to anti-LGBT destinations?

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Attempting to get right to the heart of issues affecting the LGBT+ community, the awesome blog, QuestionMark, is hosting a monthly survey to find out just how we really feel about modern life.

Mike Mark, the blogger behind QuestionMark, described how the site will release a collection of monthly surveys around LGBT+ issues and a chart with the pulse of the answers.

Previous questions asked include: ‘Do fetishes have a place in our Pride parades?‘ and ‘Can the Pope be an LGBT+ ally?

Mike told us that reading all the answers is enlightening. He described how the community would be surprised how, for particular issues, there would be a vast range of contradicting opinions. He believes that even though we are all one community is perfectly okay to have different opinions – as long as we have the open-mindedness to give ourselves time to listen to each other and attempt to understand, then we are on a good path.

Mike elaborated, “For many of us, listening is not a strong skill. Our world is full of distractions and our brains think too much about themselves. That’s why I thought if people got to write down their opinions in a non-Facebook-quarrel format then we might come up with something good.”

Mike explained that after reading the answers people submitted, while his opinion doesn’t always change dramatically, it does get more rounded. “I feel that reading all the answers does make me a better person. If one more person feels like this reading my blog, all my work would be worth it”.

Add your voice to this months’ survey: Should we travel to anti-LGBT+ destinations?

It is a pertinent and timely question, especially considering the recent news that Tinder has unveiled a new privacy feature designed to protect LGBT+ users visiting countries where same-sex relationships are punishable by law.

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