R. Kelly Responds to Trans Child Coming Out


R&B singer R. Kelly has publicly responded to the recent coming out of his 14 year old child as transgender, saying “always believe what you see with your own eyes, that’s the best way to go about this business”.


The controversial singer, who has been entangled in controversial events since a video of him having sex and urinating on an underage girl appeared online in 2002, went on to say “You save money so your kids can go to college – no matter what they are or who they are. They’re your kids, you gotta support them”.

Speaking directly about Jay – born Jaya – and the announcement that his child would transition from female to male via gender reassignment surgery, Kelly said “Don’t even give the blogs that kind of credit”, suggesting the singer was unaware that the announcement was posted on Jay’s personal ask.fm page.

Katie Glover, Editor of transgender magazine Frock, told The Independent, “It sounds like R. Kelly in denial and that’s so unfair on Jay. It took a lot of guts to come out publicly like that. He needs to understand that transgenderism is not like having a cold. It’s not something that can ‘cured’, Jaya is going to be Jay forever, so get used to it”.

47 year-old Kelly hit the headlines last week when leaked footage of his scrapped video with Lady Gaga, Do What U Want, emerged online including a scene that has been labelled “an ad for rape”

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