Report: Only 55% of Under-35s Will Vote in the Marriage Referendum


New research has revealed that while 90% of under 35s believe in marriage equality, only 55% intend to vote in the upcoming referendum.


A number of reports into the likelihood of a Yes vote have been conducted since the marriage referendum was announced, with most showing a yes majority.

Most studies have shown 18-35s are the most likely to vote for marriage equality, while over 65s are the least likely.

However, it may not be that simple; a new study by ThinkHouse has shown indications that while under 35s are in favour of a Yes vote, a little more than half of them stated that they would indeed vote.

Other findings from the survey showed that only 6% agreed with the statement that “Marriage Equality Referendum has an impact on existing marriage between a man and a woman” while 40% agreed with the proposition that the “Marriage Equality Referendum will have an effect on children”.

64% of the survey group felt that there was enough information available to help them make their minds up on the issue, while 77% stated that social media was their main source of information.

Jane McDaid, founder of Thinkhouse, stated, “We expected passionate views on the subject of marriage equality and our survey shows how strongly 18-35-year-olds lean towards a YES vote. Despite that, there’s a lack of intent to take to the polls. As the campaign heightens, I’d expect 18-35-year-olds to become more motivated to ensure their vote is counted on May 22nd. Hopefully it’s just a case of leaving it to the last minute.”


Check out the Yes Equality website to see how to register to vote, or change your address before the referendum.

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