Republican Interrupts 10 Year-Old's Speech Against Anti-Gay Bill


10 year-old Nathaniel Gill was delivering a heartwrenching pro-equality speech about how he was taken in by two gay foster fathers after he was unable to find a home anywhere else – only to be cut short.


Speaking against a proposed anti-gay bill which would allow adoption agencies to discriminate against potential adoptive parents based on sexual orientation, the 10 year-old explained, “At the age of four months, my four year old brother was feeding me and changing my diapers. When he went to the neighbours begging for food for us, someone called DCF (Florida Department of Children and Families) and we were placed in foster care.

“I was lucky to be placed with my brother, he was all I had. In the home DCF placed us, we had two dads, and liked our new home a lot.”

Gill went on to say that after a time, he was going to be moved to a new foster home without his brother even though his gay foster parents wanted to keep the boys. As he continued to tell his story his time was cut short by Republican Chair Charles McBurney, even though the he had the power to grant Gill more time.

“Mr Gill, you’re doing a great job, unfortunately your minute is up.”

McBurney couldn’t silence Gill however, and he later recorded his speech in it’s entirety through Equality Florida. Watch Gill’s full speech here.

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