Riyadh K Shows A Lesbian His Penis

Riyadh K on the left and Arielle Scarcella on the right right before he shows her his penis

Irish Youtuber Riyadh K shows a lesbian his penis on Youtube (NSFW-ish)


Gold star gay and Irish Youtuber Riyadh K has taken to Youtube to show a lesbian his penis, to quash the negative attitude that some lesbians have towards male genitalia.

Riyadh and American lesbian Youtuber Arielle Scarcella strip down to their birthday suits in two videos, the other of which Arielle show’s Riyadh her vagina.

“We are [both gold stars]. We’ve never had sex with the opposite sex,” Riyadh says.

“Did you shave for me,” Arielle asks Riyadh.

“I trimmed!”

“I think it’s important that we do this type of video,” Arielle explains, “because I know that many gay men are always hating on lesbians saying ‘eww vagina’ and in the same way a lot of lesbians are hating on men saying ‘eww penis’.”

“It comes from a place of non-understanding,”Riyadh chimes in.


Clothes Off

At this point, Riyadh strips fully and sits on the bed opposite Arielle and begins to talk about his penis and balls.

“I think [my balls] are like normal size. I’ve been with guys who are a lot bigger.”

“The head of the penis is like God,” Riyadh proclaims, telling Arielle that for most guys that’s the most sensitive and pleasurable area for stimulation. “If you were to just touch the shaft of the penis […] you’re aroused because someone is touching you but you wouldn’t necessarily feel stimulation in the way that you’re kind of supposed to.

“And then the penis goes into the body and then continues. If I press here below my balls, you can feel the penis inside your body going down inside your pelvis.”

Riyadh continues to demystify the male body for Arielle, so for purely educational purposes you can check out Riyadh showing off his man bits below:



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