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With anticipation building for his much-hyped performance at DADDi tonight at the Turks Head in Dublin, Dutch man mountain Brock Hatcher takes a moment to talk to Robert O’Connor about porn star friends, party drug deaths and his plans for a steamy after party.

Got Beef?: Brock’s body is a result of 5 day a week training sessions

Hey Brock, we’re very excited to see your appearance at DADDi in Dublin tonight. What can we expect from you?

Thank you. I primarily introduce DADDi Party as it is unique in Ireland and I will perform as a hairy muscle man dancing to make a great start to this concept party, and I will make a great sexual interaction with the crowd. After that I will be in the party among the people.


Have you any other plans while you’re in Dublin?

I have a fast visit, but I have an after show at the Boilerhouse sauna, which will be an all the way strip show.


Do you remember the moment when you decided to pursue a career in porn?

I had always been asked and scouted, I never applied myself to do this work. My first project was for Colt Studios in San Francisco, so from there on I got the publicity and it’s come to me one after the other, I still do big projects.


Do you use mobile gay dating apps like Grindr, Scruff and Squirt or is that boring for you since you see naked gay guys in the workplace?

I do have them…but I use Scruff mostly as I can leave more info on it and it’s internationally spread as a worldwide dating site. I reject 98 per cent of requests as they have the most ridiculous requests or comments. Grindr is out of the question, I never take that seriously.


You’ve worked for plenty of the major studios – from Colt to Falcon and Dark Alley to Raging Stallion – does the experience differ with each production company?

Yes it does, some are better planned and organised then the other and the levels of professionalism is also different.


Are you friendly with any other porn stars?

Yes I am. Francois Sagat, Logan Roque, Thomas Brand, Edu Boxer, Martin Mazza, Fostter Riviera, Toby Dutch and Scott Hunter are all good friends and colleagues.


Dressed for Press: Brock shows off his assets


How much work does it take to maintain a porn star physique?

Training five days a week for 50 minutes minimum, lots of discipline, and sleep.


There’s been a few tragedies in the porn industry with drug-related deaths over the last couple of years – do you think with the use of steroids to enhance appearance, it becomes a gateway to using harder party drugs?

People can’t balance and instead of using it they abuse it, that’s when it goes wrong. The tragedies are a result of all those things together – you need to have a strong mind.


“Just like everyone else”: Brock has a day job too

What do you think about the World Health Organisation’s recent recommendation that all gay men should use Truvada PrEP?

It’s good that it’s there and it avoids a lot of drama, but still caution needs to be taken and common sense, gays are getting too easy.


If you could turn any straight guy gay for the night, who would it be and why?

I would never do that it’s against my principle, but there are so many hot real gay man that it’s not necessary.


What’s a typical day in the life of a porn star?

I’m just like everyone else, only when you are in the porn business then you attract much more attention. But at home I am just me and do my normal things and my regular work.


Do you think you could go back to a normal job after experiencing the porn star life?

Yes – and I have. I’m busy with other projects, and I keep them as part of my private life as much as possible.

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