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Colby Jansen looks like the stereotypical burly rugby player – ruggedly handsome and tough as nails – but behind the impressive physique is an intriguing story, from his experience in the marines to his marriage to a transgender performer, Colby opens up to Robert O’Connor.


Hi Colby! So, you’re kind of known as being the alternative porn star of choice for those who prefer the regular guy-next-door look, that is if you happen to live next door to an ex-marine rugby player who likes to get naked a lot… discuss!

Well, that introduction definitely makes me chuckle. Honestly, I’m baffled that I’m as popular as I am, but I’ll take it. There’s a lot worse things in the world than being appreciated for what and who you are. I’m fortunate enough to have a ton of fans from all over the globe. They’re constantly tweeting about me and posting nice things on my Instagram. It’s pretty awesome and humbling at the same time.  


Colby’s ball-handling skills are impressive

Rugby’s kind of treated a bit funny in America isn’t it? What kind of level are you playing at, and where in the season are you right now?

Well the funny thing is I don’t play rugby in the US anymore. Well, I do, but only socially a couple times a year. I play in Canada, because I live near Buffalo, New York, and the border with Canada is right there. The level of play in Canada is higher than the US and it is more organised. The problem with rugby in the US is that USA Rugby has done a terrible job organising itself in a way that promotes growth of the game, while still focusing on the development of elite level players. It’s sad that with all the growth of the sport in the last ten years, the US Men’s National Team has actually gotten worse and had to win a hard-fought game against the perennial rugby superpower, Uruguay, in order to even qualify for the next rugby world cup. To a guy like me, who’s played as much as I have, it is just maddening, to be quite honest.  


A porn site said about you: “If Barbara Walters made a list of Most Interesting Porn Stars, Colby Jansen would top it”. I thought… there’s not much Colby wouldn’t top, but in all seriousness, what do you think makes you different?

I think that I’m a bit different because I don’t really fall into the gay-for-pay category, though people always think I belong there before they read my story. Also, I have some life experience and education that a lot of the younger guys don’t have. Granted, they’ll get there through life experience, but I’ve already had two careers in business and I’m starting a third now – fourth if you consider porn a career. I have a lot of interests, which with my Attention Deficit Disorder, allows me to devote a lot of time to many different things. I don’t just find one thing and stick to it. I guess that’s kind of like my sexuality; it’s fluid and my interests change with time.  


You are married to Gia Darling, a transgender performer. Are you open to relations with guys, girls, etc?

I’m completely wide open to relations with all genders. Attractiveness and sexual energy come in all genders and different shapes, sizes and colours. Having said that, we all have types and I’ve kind of worked out what works for me, but I’m open to suggestion and experimentation. That is, as long as my wife is okay with me doing it.


When you were a Marine, you were sent on tours to Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. That’s got to up there in terms of stories to tell during downtime on the porn set.

Well, yes and no. I have a degree in Physics and I worked as an imagery analyst, so most of my time was spent looking at imagery on a light table or a computer. One of the funniest things that we ever did at work was watch shepherds in Iraq shag sheep on infrared video. I have to laugh at that one, because I’m considered a sexual deviant by those people! You just have to laugh at the world sometimes! Another thing I did gain from my travels was a respect for people of different countries, cultures and religions. The world is a big place and I think that regardless of who you lay with, who you worship and where you live, we all want to live in peace and be happy.


Were you ‘out’ in the military?

When I was in, I really didn’t do anything. I heard stories of guys messing around here and there, but I really didn’t do any of that. It wasn’t until after I got out of the military that I actually engaged in sex with men and t girls. We are starting to see younger people, some of who are in the limelight, like R Kelly’s 13 year-old son, coming out as transgender. Do you think there is a shift happening in peoples’ attitudes towards the trans community? I totally think that there is a shift among a lot of people’s attitudes, but in no way is the fight over. People are still being murdered, threatened and made to feel inferior because of their gender identity, but it is nice to see more support for the trans community grow more and more.


Right, that’s enough serious stuff. You recently had your first experience in role reversal sexually, if you know what I mean. How was that as an experience, and do you consider yourself versatile in that respect now?

I prefer top, I always have and I always will, but bottoming is fun here and there. I’ve obviously done it a few more times and if what I was told is true – practice makes it easier and more enjoyable! 

Law Enforcement: Colby makes a top cop


You have become involved with the BeachBody project recently. What’s the concept around that?

BeachBody is the Tony Horton/Shaun T – P90X/Insanity/RevAbs etc. workouts and diet plans. I have been doing heavy Olympic lifts for quite some time and after almost 20 years playing rugby, my joints just can’t take it anymore. I have had knee and shoulder surgeries and I’ve also broken a number of bones. Combine that with a pinched C6/C7 nerve in my neck, I needed to find an alternative option for fitness. That’s when I discovered P90X. I use it as a supplement to my workout regimen. Think of it as another ‘tool’ on your fitness belt. It allows me to get a high intensity workout in a short amount of time with minimal damage to my joints and the result is that I look pretty good too. All workouts are not created equal, the BeachBody workouts are designed to make you look good, feel great and perform at a high rate. I love most of the programs, or rather I love to hate them!  


Are your family supportive of your alternative life choices?

My family has largely been supportive. The problem in a lot of ways is fear of things that they don’t understand, which is natural. The important thing is that my family still loves me and they know that I love them. As time has moved along, my family has become more supportive.  


It seems like you are travelling around quite a lot. How do you manage to keep your workouts and diet in check when your surroundings are inconsistent?

That’s always tough, but the BeachBody workouts are designed for ‘Home Fitness’. I travel quite a lot and I always bring my yoga mat and elastic bands. As long as I have that and a small area to move around in my hotel room, I can get my workouts in. I’m lucky to have a gym in my home, which has weights and equipment in it, but at the same time I can get all of it done in a small hotel room too. The hardest part of traveling is eating properly, but honestly, if you go to any restaurant, you can always get some grilled chicken and a salad – not that I really obey that kind of diet, but I certainly avoid fried foods and cheeseburgers!  


Being a sports man, you clearly look after your health. Do you think that’s prevented you from being tempted towards the darker party scene that accompanies many a porn star’s work? 

I like when I go to the parties and things a few times a year, but that lifestyle isn’t for me. I have a bar in my house and that’s enough for me. I don’t like the smell of cigarettes and I don’t do drugs either, so it’s not a temptation for me. Also, being a few years older than a lot of the guys keeps me out of that circle too.

Package Holiday: Colby on some well-earned down time

Describe for our readers your ideal date – what does it take to win you over?

An ideal date for me would be dinner and drinks, with a live band afterwards and a walk outside in the elements (assuming it’s summer). Conversation is something that I value with people. I certainly am long-winded and I love when I meet someone who has as much to say as I do.  


In gay porn, what would you describe as being your type? Is there anyone that sticks out in your memory as being a hot experience, and is there anyone on your to do list? 

I love working with Tyler Sweet, he’s one of my favorites. He’s just a guy who wants to get pounded all the time – that works well with me! Also, Dean Monroe and Rod Daily were a lot of fun to work with as well – again, guys who really want the ‘D’.  



Looking to the future, do you see yourself committing to one of your passions like rugby, or will you go all corporate on us and use your science degree to get a regular-people job?

Well, I’ve already started a new job in my next career. I recently completed an MBA and I took a nine-to-five job. It’s a corporate gig in investment planning, there’s no morality clause that I know of, so hopefully I don’t end up getting fired for being in porn. I will continue to work for, just my scene counts will be down moving forward because I don’t really have a ton of time to be flying off and filming. I still love performing and I will continue to be out there, and I have a few new scenes coming out soon!


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