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As he gets ready for his appearance at The Dragon tomorrow night, Rogan Richards talks to Robert O’Connor about getting too muscle-bound for modelling, his desire to ‘do’ Bruce LaBruce, and his friendship with Irish porn puppy, Diesel O’Green.


Working the camera: Rogan was a pro-model pre-porn

You’re like the Madonna of porn – you seem to plan everything about your career out meticulously. Do you think this kind of preparation is the reason you’re so successful?

Funny you should say that. For one, she’s my idol. Secondly, I am artistic but don’t consider myself business-minded. I’ve had to teach myself that aspect but I still feel like I’m walking around a dark room blindly. Only every now and then my cock luckily finds a mouth and things work out! I really need a manager – anyone?


Your catchphrase is: “It’s all about the flex”. Where did that come from?

I actually can’t remember where I got that from; it was just one of my moments of brilliance. But going back to the previous question – I approached my career like WWE wrestlers do theirs. In a world full of porn stars, physique models and artists, I needed to start doing things that separated me from the flock. The slogan, the yellow high-tops, Mousey…


Diesel O’Green, our own homegrown Irish porn star, is performing with you in Dragon on Saturday night. You two seem to be friendly, what’s he like to work with?

I call him the Irish Pitbull to other people and a kitten to his face. Very professional and even more sexy – I’m lucky to say he’s a good mate of mine.


You say Rogan Richards is your porn name because your high school crush was Denise Richards – do you still think she’s hot?

Fuckin’ Oath!


Growing up with a bodybuilder father, do you feel like you were always destined to be an exhibitionist in your career?

I am my father’s son, but it took me a long and hard personal journey to get here.


Your body is in great condition, what are your top three tips for guys who want to look their best?

1. Use your brain more than any other muscle.

2. Do or do not. There is no try.

3. Quality over quantity but quantity will make you grow.


‘The Flex’: Rogan Richards will bring his show to Dublin’s Dragon on Saturday night

Before you were a porn star you were stripping at hen nights. Were you nervous or did you get off on the attention you got from the ladies?

I get off if a goldfish shows me some attention.


Some performers in the industry say that piracy is bringing their pay-cheques down so much that they are forced to do escort work to pay the bills. What’s your experience of that?

I was escorting before I was doing porn so that doesn’t bother me.


You were the number one model at Men at Play, and you’ve worked for plenty of studios like Falcon, Titan and Raging Stallion. Did you have to knock on doors or did you find once you did your first movie everyone wanted a piece of you?

I applied to all the studios I wanted to work with but only Men at Play replied. They started filming with me and once my films with them came out the others all lined up. I owe a lot to Men at Play and that’s why I say they will always be my ‘parent’ studio.


Is there anyone you haven’t worked with that’s on your to do list?

Denise Richards. Terry Richardson. Bruce LaBruce.


Mickey Mouse for big boys: One of Rogan’s trademark looks

You modelled for the underwear brand CockSox in the past. Would you like to pursue more modelling projects in the future?

I was modelling for 15 years before Rogan Richards came along and I’m happy to do more – but I’m developing my physique from a traditional physique model to what I’ve labeled as a Muscle Beast. It’s not editorial friendly and does limit me the bigger I get.


Is your family proud of the empire you’ve created or is there is a stigma around it because of the nature of the work?

My old man passed away, my brother just laughs and my mum doesn’t know.


How do you want to be remembered when you’ve put your clothes on and packed away the lube for good?

You mean when I’m dead? I wont be around to care…


Rogan Richards will perform in a live show with Diesel O’Green on Saturday night at Dragon. Follow him on Twitter, or for fitness tips on how to get your own porn star body view his YouTube channel.

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