Robin Williams Played Gay Role Before Death


One of the final roles Robin Williams played before his tragic death was that of a troubled married man who confronts his sexuality late in life.


Williams is “morose rather than manic” in Boulevard, says Variety

Boulevard, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, was seeking a distribution deal at the time of the actor’s passing, meaning the films release date is not yet set in stone.

The project is just one of the films that Williams’ was involved in before his death, with another sequel to Night at the Museum and three other films in the works before his untimely death.

Williams was due to reprise Mrs Doubtfire role

The troubled star, who struggled with alcohol and severe depression throughout his career, was also in talks about reprising his role as Mrs Doubtfire in a sequel to the 1993 hit family comedy in which Williams’ played a father-of-three who dressed up as a female childminder in order to spend time with his children after becoming separated from his wife.

“This is one of the kindest characters Williams has ever played, which makes his self-imposed turmoil — the consequence of not wanting to hurt anyone, least of all his wife — all the more tragic”, said a critic for Variety magazine.

Monica Aguirre Diez Barroso and Mia Change, the producers behind the film, released a statement following the much-loved actor’s death, “Like so many around the world who have been saddened by the news of Robin Williams’ passing — we are devastated to have lost such a brilliant entertainer and an even kinder human being. We are honoured to be among those privileged to have worked with him. We’re so proud of his performances in Boulevard, and will remember him for his amazing talent and beautiful heart”.

Watch the cast of Boulevard explain the upcoming film and reflect on Williams’ performance.


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