Rose of Tralee Would Like to Get Married in Ireland

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The Rose of Tralee, Maria Walsh, says she would like to get married in Ireland, in spite of not taking a public stance on marriage equality.


The 27 year-old has, so far, remained tight-lipped about her opinions on the upcoming marriage referendum, however, she has now said that she would like to get married in the country she was raised.

“I am also a very sassy country woman, and for me, getting married in the country I was reared in is very important to me.”

Walsh, being a spokesperson for the event must remain neutral while she wears the crown.

Walsh said, “This year, because I am an ambassador for an apolitical festival I will be remaining apolitical.”

Walsh came out after her victory at the Rose of Tralee last year and her hint at wanting to get married in Ireland is the first real statement she has made about the referendum.

However, she believes that, in spite of a belief in the Yes or No campaign, everyone should have their vote counted.

She told the Irish Sun: “Regardless of whether I think gay marriage should happen or not, we all have a civic duty regarding voting. So whether you are a Yes or No, just get out there and vote. And then whatever happens, happens.”

Walsh said she also expects more Irish figureheads to come out – after Health Minister Leo Varadkar.

She said, “I think we are going to see a few more members of society come out like that, coming up to the referendum. I was in that position, not that long ago when it came out about my sexuality. When Leo came out, my dad was like ‘Jesus are you all gay? Is this what is happening?’ Which I loved and he said it with such great banter.”

“But we are now at the age and confidence to be who we are, and the more people like myself and Leo come out, the more sexual orientation is not even going to be on the table. It will be just be about how resourceful are you as a person.”

Earlier this week, Maria Walsh was presented with the second annual Foy-Zappone award by the UCD LGBTQ+ Society.

Read GCN’s Interview with Maria Walsh below.


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