Ruby Rose defends Jennifer Lawrence


Ruby Rose has defended Jennifer Lawrence’s comment about her ‘slutty power lesbian’ style

In a recent interview with Glamour, Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence likened her style to that of a “slutty power lesbian.

“That is literally what I say to a stylist. I don’t know if that’s offensive…” she said.

Following the interview, some members of the LGBT community spoke out to call the comparison offensive.

However, fellow actress Ruby Rose stood up for the star. bce87d6f7b7649c3b7067c969ad7cfe7

She told The Cut: “Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing actress and an amazing advocate for women and women’s empowerment and the wage gap in Hollywood and so many amazing things.”

“I think that is an easy quote to misinterpret or to pick apart. But I know that she has an amazing sense of humour, and for her to say that, I know that would never come from a bad place,” Rose added.

“She’s always spending so much of her time supporting other women and the LGBT community. There’s no way that she meant that with any kind of malice. If it was someone else, maybe I would think into it, but because it’s her, I just know what she meant,” she added.

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