RuPaul: Irish No Voters Should Love Themselves


RuPaul has said that those who voted against marriage equality in Ireland “need to get out more” and “love themselves”.


RuPaul – of RuPaul’s Drag Race fame – was questioned about the Irish referendum by BBC’s Newsbeat.

RuPaul – real name RuPaul Andre Charles – was asked about his opinion on those who are unhappy with the outcome of the Irish referendum.

“Honestly? They need to get out more often and learn to love themselves,” he said. “Our love for ourselves is in direct correlation to how we treat other people.”


“There’s really only one of us here on this planet.

“I don’t want get too metaphysical here – it looks like we’re separate but we’re actually one thing – so it’s important to love yourself and in doing that you’ll love other people too.”

He admitted that he finds politics a “snooze” but, of the referendum result, he said: “I love the fact that people are recognising that humanity and humans need love and I’m surprised it’s taken so long.”

The drag performer is in Britain to promote his popular drag queen reality show, RuPaul’s Drag Race, which will air on British television for the first time.

Jonathan Ross has also said that, as a huge fan, he hopes to bring a British version of the show to our screens. However, Ross has said that he would not host the show, only RuPaul would be able to do it.

Yesterday, Catholic Cardinal Raymond Burke said that he believed that Irish people are “worse than Pagans” due to the marriage referendum passing.

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