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The competing queens for Ru Paul’s Drag Race have been unveiled. Alan Finnegan gives you his first impressions.



The wait is over kittens…well almost. Rupaul’s Drag Race is returning for its sixth season this coming February and we finally got an inside look at the new queens coming our way. Who will sashay away and who will be crowned the winner? Let’s take a look at our potential new drag besties.


Adore Delano.

People might remember Adore from season seven of American Idol. He appeared out of drag as himself, Danny Noriega and got as far as the top 16, so the girl can sing. Adore is fowl-mouthed and quirky, like Alaska from last season. I like her look and I think she’ll go far in the competition. She may also cause some trouble on the way!


April Carrion.

It’s always disappointing when you see queens like Lineysha Sparx struggle because they have little English, although it doesn’t sound like April will get lost in translation like previous queens from Puerto Rico. She gives good face and is just plain happy to be there. Do nice girls finish last? We shall see.


Ben De La Creme.

It’s no surprise that Ben De La Creme (pictured above) and last year’s winner Jink Monsoon are good friends, given that they have a very similar aesthetic. Can another Jinkx win, though? Probably not. Hopefully Ben will cap the comparisons by showing us something new.


Bianca del Rio.

She’s quick witted and looks like she would put you out into the shade. Her look as she calls it is: “Joan Crawford slash Bozo the Clown”, and who can disagree with that? I can see Bianca making it very far with her style and attitude.


Courtney Act.

This girl seems really nice and I like her style. Her overall look reminds of Willam – she’s runway-ready but also side-of-the-street ready. Courtney seems like she could be one of those girls who get lost in the background if she doesn’t speak up.


Gia Gunn.

This queen wouldn’t struggle to get lost in any kind of background. If you cover your eyes you can hear previous contestant, Carmen Carrera. I think Gia will give us body-ody-ody and some interesting revealing outfits.


Joslyn Fox.

I give this girl a ‘meh’ on my drag-o-meter. I want her to prove me wrong though, so hopefully Mother Ru will give her a little kick, just to get her just that little bit more hungry for the crown.


Kelly Mantle.

This queen looks like a strong competitor. She can sing, act and is a comedian. She does a really good Cher and that will get you far – I’m looking at you, Chad Michaels.


Laganja Estranja.

This queen talks fast. She is another Alyssa Edwards creation, so expect some fierce performances. She describes her look as classy, ghetto and fabulous – so I’m in. Laganja came to win, so she won’t go down easy.


Magnolia Crawford.

I’m guessing Magonlia will sashay home first. I just don’t find her as interesting as the other queens. Her look is camp and thrift shop – is that code for cheap?



I don’t think we have seen anyone like this queen on the show before. Milk will bring an edge and versatility reminiscent of Sharon Needles. She is funny and considering her style is inspired by The Muppets, how could she go wrong?


Miss Darienne Lake.

She seems like a seasoned performer who could teach the girls a few things, but her potential to win is small. She doesn’t bring anything new to the table. Every year Rupaul has crowned queens that have nailed every part of her criteria: Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent. I don’t think Darienne will be able to tick some of these boxes.


Trinity K Bonet.

Why did Trinity apply for the show? Because her mother’s lungs collapsed and she promised she wasn’t going anywhere because Trinity hadn’t appeared on Drag Race yet. With a story like that, how could you not refuse this queen entry into the Mother Ru’s hall of fame. Trinity’s look is very Naomi Campbell; hopefully she won’t be throwing any phones.



This girl has a very androgynous club kid look. Vivacious just screams attitude and I cannot wait to see what she is like in the competition. I can see her garnering some great Rupaul quotes this season so keep an ear out. Grit honey!


The competition looks like it’s going to be fierce next season. Imagine all these queens in one room with that crown. Trouble will ensue. FebRUary cannot come quick enough.


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